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Education Background

While the Lake Guardian is first and foremost a research vessel, USEPA is very supportive of educational opportunities when possible. The cornerstone of the educational programing is the annual Shipboard Science Workshop. In partnership with Sea Grant’s Center for Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL), USEPA hosts 15 educators on the ship each year for the week-long workshop. This experience of a lifetime has educators work alongside Great Lakes researchers collecting and analyzing samples. They also learn about the bounty of Great Lakes curricular resources available, which can be used back in their classrooms. To find out more about this workshop, visit the Center for Great Lakes Literacy website.

In addition to organizing the Shipboard Science Workshop, CGLL (through IL-IN Sea Grant) periodically conducts video casts from the ship with former workshop participants in their classrooms—connecting students with real scientists.  And Ask a Scientist provides any educator or their students an opportunity to interact with researchers by submitting questions of interest via the online form.  Students also can learn about the various jobs involved with Great Lakes shipboard research through the career video series.  

Any questions related to these educational opportunities can be sent to IL-IN Sea Grant.

The R/V Lake Guardian sails on behalf of the USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office, gathering environmental data to gauge the health of Great Lakes.

What's Happening?

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